New features on InfoStudio Live Sports Pack


Live Sports Statistic Console is now talking directly to Live Sports Broadcast!

Go TV recently created Live Sports Intelligent Statistics.

Intelligent Statistics keeps track of the game statistics and alerts the playout operator each time a relevant event is identified. Meaning that, the statistics are now alerting the playout about new relevant events to be published.
With Intelligent Statistics, LSP now provides relevant graphics ready to go to air to the playout operator each time a new statistic is registered in the database. The available graphics can be configured for each event.
The relevant events tracked by the system can be configured, for example:

. Whenever ball possession reached a certain percentage and alert is sent to the playout system;

. If one of the teams has not made a shot in over x minutes, the playout system is also alerted;

All these alerts can be configured at will.

May 2007
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