Specific tools for each function and well-defined user profiles allow the users to contribute to the system from their workplace and according to their specialist skills. The information management, insertion and transmission procedures have never been so simple and quick.

System management interface.
The administrator manages the system and the process flow, setting the machines, the e-mail and sms external data sources, the users and their permissions.

Graphics and animation creators’ interface.
The creative personnel create ready-to-use templates by designing them in the system or by using other software’s graphic material. These templates are precisely positioned on the screen and allow the user to define automations and behaviours, which will then automatically display the back-office and external data sources’ data.
Back Office
Content creators’ and managers’ interface.
Journalists or external providers can manage and insert the information in previously structured databases. The information is then immediately available to be aired with the graphical templates.

Broadcasting controllers’ interface.
In the several production control rooms, the templates and data are available, duly integrated and ready to be aired by the broadcasting controllers. Manually, it is possible to make last-minute changes.

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