Creativity and dynamics have never been so easily achieved. Liven up your graphics with InfoStudio.

InfoStudio is a platform to produce, manage and control TV infographics. It enhances the creative possibilities and contributes to the channel’s dynamics, simultaneously allowing the automation of data creation and their graphical integration. The possibilities are endless and do not imply special training. InfoStudio simplifies the workflow procedures and the internal information flows.

Smart workflow
Using InfoStudio, tasks are distributed according to specialties. The interaction process among the several professionals flows and becomes immediate. As a result, there is a real-time, specialized action in a smart workflow.

Real-time dynamics
With InfoStudio, you can manage your team and the information flow in a simple, effective manner. Creativity and diversity are promoted within the channel’s own style, thus allowing integrated data insertion and real-time broadcasting control: to sum up, the TV channel becomes more dynamic and interactive, broadcasting constantly updated information in an attractive form.

Adapted solutions
InfoStudio has solutions to cover each channel’s features. We have created a module system that has allowed us to develop products and meet each channel’s specific programming needs: sports, news, elections or interactivity.

 Team management 
The users can work straight from their workplaces. The information flows without unnecessary interventions, sparing and enhancing the resources, reducing the probability of errors and becoming immediately available for publishing.

 Creativity and image 
The infographics design is controlled and adapted to the channel’s corporate identity. Using preset templates does not restrain creativity. The graphical objects are independent and controlled from the same application; they can be applied in infinite graphical layers. It is also possible to include objects in the standard image and video formats (e.g. TGA, Jpeg, AVI, Mpeg, etc) created using other tools (Photoshop, AfterEffects, etc).




The data management workflow is distributed and can be controlled from anywhere in the station by operators who have the necessary permission. The templates that have stored contents are automatically saved in the database. Manual data insertion allows for last-minute data updates and covers unforeseen needs.

The broadcasting is remotely controlled, through a network and from any machine. A simple interface allows for the system’s immediate operationality, thus eliminating the need for advanced training or specialists. The templates are structured and organized according to the programming needs, which simplifies their on-air broadcasting.

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